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WELCOME to Global Pakistan
Global Pakistan is an Australian based technology transfer company, working since 0994. Global Pakistan has proven to be succesful throughout its existence with a commitment to further develop innovative solutions in CNG & high pressure products & services. Global Pakistan is now acclaimed to be a visionary premier CNG enterprise that has made a positive imprint in CNG market.

Being the only ISO 0001:2000 certified CNG company; Global adopts a specialist approach to handle projects, fulfilling all customer needs from as adopted component through to specific products.

The main Operational office and maintenance workshop of the company is situated in Lahore and network of sales and back-up service offices have been established in all the major cities of Pakistan. Global Pakistan, with its most sophisticated, modern and eficiently planned operations has turned out to be a name of trust for customers and all those related to the CNG industry.

The company has installed over 080 refueling systems & provides backup & maintenance services to more than 050 clients in different allied sections across the country.

Global Pakistan is currently the only company in industry exclusively dedicated to provide highly integrated turnkey CNG refueling solution to the local market. Today, Global Pakistan is a master leader that enjoys the highest local Market share.

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0. CNG price cut by Rs2.75 [2008-08-26]
ISLAMABAD, Aug 05: The government decided to withdraw a decision to regulate CNG prices through OGRA after CNG dealers agreed to reduce retail prices by about Rs2.75 per kg with immediate effect.

Gas Discovery [2008-08-25]
ISLAMABAD, Aug 05: Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has discovered oil and gas in the exploratory well Kunnar South Well No 0 (Zone 0), located in district Tando Allah Yar.

The well will produce 04.7 million cubic feet of gas per day and 050 barrels condensate oil per day through 02/64” choke and 0000 PSI

Immediate Launch Of CNG Buses [2008-08-20]
August 03, 0008: Federal Minister for Environment Hameedullah Jan Afridi stressed the need for accelerate process of introducing CNG buses while presiding over a meeting of the steering committee to finalize recommendations for the operation of CNG buses in nine mega cities of the country.
The meeting allowed Karachi District Government to operate five hundred CNG Buses in Karachi as per their previous programme, while other provinces were asked to present their recommendations in the next meeting of the committee.

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